Monday (3rd June) you would have received an email from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in relation
to the scheduled election for AFPA Zone Convenors and Workplace Delegates as per the Fair Work
(Registered Associations) Act 2009.

This email is important if you wish to nominate for either position. I would encourage you all to
read the email and attachments and consider becoming a Zone Convenor or Workplace Delegate.
These roles are critical to the AFPA and are our frontline to the entire membership in the AFP. This
is an interesting and important time for the AFPA, we have a newly elected federal government and
we are about to begin structured discussions with the AFP regarding the upcoming AFP Enterprise

If you ever had an inkling or desire to become more involved in the AFPA and haven’t previously
nominated, then this is the time to throw your hat into the ring and see what plays out. Being a
Zone Convenor or Workplace Delegate can be a very rewarding experience if you have the desire to
seek change and fairness for the betterment of your colleagues and workplace.
If you’ve previously held either of these positions, thank you. I would encourage you to nominate
again as your experience as an AFPA Zone Convenor or Workplace Delegate is valuable, especially
moving towards a new enterprise agreement.

We provide you with the Election Notice and Nomination Form which provides the guidelines for
nominations. Please note that the closing date is 5:00pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time
(AEST) on Monday 1 July 2019.

Good luck and I look forward to the upcoming election.