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Workers’ Compensation Claims – Comcare

Prior to submitting any claims for Workers’ Compensation, it is important that members contact the AFPA for advice and assistance. We can provide invaluable assistance to members when they are preparing a claim. Claims for Workers’ Compensation for injuries or illnesses are not always straightforward. The burden of proof of injury remains with the worker [...]

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Successful Policing Experience Result – Mounted Unit

Members may recall that in our dispatch on 16 June 2021, we relayed advice received from AFP Industrial Relations regarding how Policing Experience is determined and members’ ability to have previous roles recognised as Policing Experience. Policing Experience is recognised under section 8(XLIV) of the EA and is defined as: “time spent in a [...]

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Flexible Working Arrangment

All AFP employees covered by the AFP Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020 or the AFP Executive Level Enterprise Agreement 2016-2019 are entitled to request a flexible working environment to accommodate, wherever possible, an employee’s preferences to achieve a healthy work-life balance while still meeting the operational requirements of the AFP. FWAs allow members to [...]

Secondary Employment (Work or Volunteer)

AFP appointees may apply for approval to engage in secondary work or volunteering - if such activities do not represent integrity or reputational risk to the organisation or the AFP appointee, or create a work health and safety risk for AFP appointees in the performance of their official duties. Some activities are classified as prohibited [...]

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