We are continuing to actively engage with our membership regarding your suggestions for the next EA.

We have undertaken in-house musters in Eastern and Western Command in the last month where members have provided us with some valuable feedback regarding what they would like to see in the EA. We plan to undertake more musters in the coming year in other regions so that we are able to hear from you, our membership on EA-related issues and general issues that are important to you.

Additionally, we are continuing to release a series of targeted short surveys that focus on specific Parts of the current Enterprise Agreement. As mentioned in our previous comms, the feedback gathered from these surveys inform the work of both the EA Advisory and Operational Committees. We consider the feedback from these surveys to be imperative to facilitate an improved EA for our membership.

The fourth survey concentrates on Part V: AFP Working Patterns. The survey can be found here, and we encourage all members to participate and provide us with their feedback.

I look forward to your feedback and comments.

We also encourage you to submit your ideas for the EA on our website at: https://www.afpa.org.au/future-enterprise-agreement/.