AFPA & Dell Member Purchase Program

some information about the Dell Member Purchase Program like:

1) what is this purchase program about?

2) what all offers are included in this program?


Bridge the information to steps involved in getting a coupon

How to get a coupon

  • Login to Member Advantage Portal at (if you need further information about Member Advantage please visit here).
  • Go to Discounts under the Marketplace section as shown in below

(Desktop view)

(Mobile View)

  • Please click on Dell widget as shown below

(Desktop View)

(Mobile View)

  • Click on the highlighted link which will redirect you to the Dell Website

  • On the Dell Exclusive page click on "Get Your Coupon" as shown in below image and it will load a new page where you will fill in your email

(Desktop View)

(Mobile View)

  • Please fill in your AFP email (as shown in below image) and click submit to which the discount coupon will be sent (remember you can generate only one coupon per day).

(Desktop View)

(Mobile View)

(Coupon Email)

Redeem your coupon

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