E2023/42 AFPA Delegate elections FAQ page2023-07-05T09:26:20+10:00
How do I choose between nominating for both of these roles – I would be interested in either role?2023-07-03T15:34:31+10:00

You can nominate for both roles, but you will need to submit two separate forms in this instance.  If your nomination is successful for a Convenor position, your nomination for the Delegate position will be withdrawn.

I haven’t received my nomination form. Where can I find one?2023-07-03T13:30:36+10:00

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the AFPA website here

What will be the timeline for voting on the candidates?2023-07-03T13:33:35+10:00

This is a matter for the AEC and they’ll engage with you via email to discuss everything about the election.  The entire election process is managed by the AEC and the AFPA has no part in determining timelines.

What’s involved in being a Delegate or Convenor?2023-07-03T13:31:52+10:00

Being a Delegate or a Convenor is an important role within the AFPA.  You’ll be the eyes and ears of the AFPA within the workplace.  You’ll also be a point of contact for members to engage with within your zone.

Why is the AEC involved?2023-07-03T14:10:03+10:00

The AEC maintains an impartial and independent electoral system for eligible voters. They’ll ensure that everything is conducted in alignment with legislation and the AFPA rules relating to elections.

Do I need someone to nominate me?2023-07-03T13:57:45+10:00

Yes, all nominees must have a nominator who is a financial member of the zone that the nominee is running in.  At least one eligible nominator is required.

Do I need to be a member to nominate to be a Convenor or Delegate?2023-07-03T13:55:21+10:00

Yes. Nominees must be a financial member of the AFPA.

Do I need to declare that I am eligible under the rules and am not disqualified from being a candidate/nominee?2023-07-03T13:48:39+10:00

Yes.  Please refer to Chapter 7, Part 4 of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.  You also need to declare on the nomination form under the ‘candidate’s consent’ section.

When do nominations open and close?2023-07-03T13:53:22+10:00

Nominations opened on 21/6/23 and must reach the Returning Officer, Ben Murray no later than 5:00pm (AEST) on 5/7/23.  This means that you can’t put the nomination in the mail at 4:00pm on 5/7/23, but you can lodge a nomination via email.  If you choose to post your form, it is the your responsibility to ensure that it reaches the AEC before the deadline.

Please note, the AEC’s spam filter blocking your emailed nomination form isn’t a good enough reason for late submission.

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