In 2020 the PFA was invited to review a research study proposal, ‘Emotional First Aid and Police Officers: Examining the role of family members’ conducted by a Queensland Police Service veteran and Charles Sturt University PhD student, Ms. Charrissa Chew-Moriarty. This study aims to address gaps in research and recognise the role family members of a police officer have, during episodes of deterioration of emotional wellbeing, how family members can assist in the reduction of  these negative emotions which have a resulted from a career in policing.

The PFA acknowledges the significant merit of this study and encourages your support and the participation of your family member. Your family’s engagement will assist in this critical area of investigation facilitating the strengthening of links between research and policy to inform police organisations, policy makers and practitioners within the law enforcement arena.

Members are encouraged to read the below Information Sheet and pass on the Participant Information Sheet to members of their family (over the age of 18) for their consideration.

Information Sheet (Police Officer)

Participant Information Sheet (Family Member)

Study Engagement Schedule