Hannover Life Re has not yet made significant changes to their underwriting practices, they are closely monitoring the incidence, symptomatology and case fatality rate associated with COVID-19.

Hannover Life Re has informed us it is prudent at this time to implement additional precautionary measures when underwriting applicants believed to be of higher risk. This may include applicants with any of the following disclosures:

  • Recent flu-like symptoms
  • Having travelled to a high-risk country or region
  • Having been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19

Of particular concern are applicants >50 years old or who are suffering from chronic respiratory, cardiovascular or immunological disorders. For any such applicant, Hannover Life Re may consider postponing their underwriting for at least 3 weeks before being reviewed.

Due to the rapidly changing global status of COVID-19, Hannover Life Re’s underwriting practices will remain dynamic in this area.

Hannover Life Re will continue to work consultatively with their Chief Medical Officer and their global expert network in accordance with the information provided by the World Health Organisation, John Hopkins University, and other relevant authorities.