Protected industrial action refers to lawful industrial action taken by employees and their union representatives during negotiations for a new enterprise agreement or when disputes arise in the workplace. Protected industrial actions can include strikes, stoppages of work, bans on performing certain tasks, and other actions aimed at putting pressure on employers to address employees’ concerns during bargaining. 

It is conducted in accordance with the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and must comply with specific requirements to be considered lawful. As the industrial action is protected, the employer cannot take adverse action against any employee for taking part in it.  

The AFPA has taken all the necessary steps to prepare for taking protected industrial action, but now we need you 

To take protected industrial action, 50% of the employees we ballot need to take part in the vote, and more than 50% of the votes need to be a yes. It is vital that you take part and that you encourage all of your colleagues to take part too.