We would encourage you to speak to your Sergeant or Team Leader to determine if there is another option to clear the matter such as proceeding via summons.

If you do have to make the arrest, again, we encourage you to contact your Sergeant or Team Leader and provide them with a briefing, including any relevant health issues that you observe or able to obtain from the person in custody.  Your Sergeant or Team Leader may wish to speak to the Watch House staff before conveying the person to the Watch House.

If the person is displaying signs of illness, we would strongly encourage you to convey the person to the Watch House in a caged vehicle, and not in the back of a patrol car, regardless of how compliant they are.

If you have had to go ‘hands-on’, then when practical, please decontaminate yourself using soap and water, hexifoam (or similar product) or hand sanitizer.  Decontaminate yourself like you have someone else’s blood on you. Also, discuss the matter with your Sergeant and Team Leader and discuss the possibility of submitting a workplace incident report.  Report the matter as we believe that if you contract COVID-19 in the course of your duties then the incident should be referred to Comcare.