The last month has seen much preparatory work for National Council take place as we make the final plans for the agenda and presentations taking place over the two-day conference.

We’ve also just entered into an exciting agreement with Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW), allowing AFPA members the opportunity to adopt an ex-racing greyhound for free!

The benefits to mental health afforded by pet ownership are well documented, and we are delighted to be able to make this offer available to the membership. The upcoming issue of Blue Star will carry a joint press release from the AFPA and GRNSW, plus some photos of your truly meeting some very cute greyhounds last week. You can also view media coverage here and start an application to adopt a greyhound here.

This year’s National Council takes place at a busy time, coming in the same period as bargaining for the next EA. During Council, we will be dealing with rule changes, general association business, and any extraordinary motions that may be raised. We are also facilitating specialist presenters to impart skills and knowledge to our delegates. This follows the tradition of previous Councils empowering our delegates to utilise the benefits of AFPA membership when helping their colleagues.

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