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This past month has seen a lot of focus on potential legislation to enshrine the ‘right to disconnect’ for AFP appointees. You can find our 7 February media release here. This reform has been on the AFPA’s agenda for some time. The recent AFPA Enterprise Agreement Membership Survey has highlighted that the majority of members are simply not afforded the opportunity to disconnect from work during their downtime. I am finalising a report speaking to the results of the survey as we speak. The findings will be a cornerstone of our upcoming media appearances and discussions with the government.

The AFPA is profoundly aware of the entrenched rhetoric around “working for the love of the job, not just the money” perpetuated by some of the AFP’s leadership. And to some degree, I acknowledge that most members wouldn’t be in the job if they didn’t love or at least like what they did. BUT, and it’s a big but, love doesn’t pay the bills, and love is not the respect AFPA members deserve for keeping Australians safe.

If working for the AFP is about the “love” of the job and not about the salary, I call on any member of the AFP Executive who holds this belief to contribute 50% of their salary to the AFPA charity, AUSPOL so the AFPA can provide financial support to members who are experiencing difficulties due to the rising cost of living and inflation.

The AFP leaders must ask themselves whether they are comfortable losing an unprecedently high number of staff to higher-paying (and non-policing) jurisdictions. The AFP has a prime opportunity to demonstrate a proper level of respect for the membership — the Executive and Federal Government must support a real wage increase.

If they will not do this, then we are prepared to take protected industrial action.

I’ll continue to share more news in this space as it comes to hand. Please keep an eye on your emails.

Below, you can find a summary of the media appearances I have made over November.

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