Dear AFPA Member,

With the end of the financial year almost upon us, we’re really excited to let you know that this years “First Responders Day” is rapidly approaching, with retailers across the country offering discounts to police officer, nurses, paramedics and the like. “First Responders Day” is occurring on the 30th June 2022, with retailers people to prove that they are a member of a ‘first responder’ by providing identification.

In order for our members to be able to access the discounts on offer for ‘First Responders Day’, the AFPA has been able to secure discounts and benefits in relation to this event. These will ONLY be available to members of the AFPA. A list of eligible stores and promotions can be found by following this link: First Responders Day – 30 June 2022 ( You will receive a personalised email shortly which will allow you to access discounts because of your AFPA membership.

Please show your AFPA membership card or the email you receive to prove your AFPA membership, as the discount will ONLY be provided to you because of your status as a AFPA member.

You are entitled to receive discounts or benefits accessed by virtue of your membership of the AFPA. If you have any questions or concerns, we encourage you to utilise your delegate network; alternatively, please reach out to the National Office via email ( or phone us directly (02 6285 1677).