Bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement has commenced and we held the first meeting on 26 September 2023. Over the last 18 months, the AFPA has been undertaking a significant amount of work in preparation for bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement, with the final salary increase due to members having been paid on 25 May 2023. While a lot of work has already gone on behind the scenes over the past 18 months, we want to ensure that you continue to have the opportunity to shape and influence the next Enterprise Agreement.

We have set up a tool for you to submit your ideas for the next EA further down this page(click here to scroll there now). Enter your details and idea, and they will be sent directly to our EA negotiators. We may contact you as a result of your suggestion. All submissions are confidential, and your submissions will not be disclosed to any outside of the AFPA in a way that could identify you.

If you are experiencing an issue in the workplace (i.e. such as not being paid an allowance or an underpayment), please contact us by emailing

Your ideas are important to us – whether it be on particular terms or conditions to improve on in the current agreement, identifying particular conditions that are currently not working in the Enterprise Agreement, or ideas for new terms and conditions. They will go to inform the creation of the AFPA’s log of claims.

In addition to this ideas page, over the coming months we will be asking for your ideas, feedback and suggestions in relation to specific issues with the Enterprise Agreement, such as working patterns, allowances and advancement, as well as suggestions for improvements to the current Enterprise Agreement.

We anticipate the next 8 months to be busy engaging with you around bargaining for a new Enterprise Agreement. We have already commenced musters at various sites across Australia and will be continuing to visit as many locations as we can to obtain your ideas and input into the new Enterprise Agreement.

So please, scroll down and let us know how we can help create a better Enterprise Agreement.

Alex Caruana


Enterprise Agreement  
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