The Australian Federal Police Association takes our members’ mental welfare importantly. We recognise the profoundly positive ways in which pets can affect peoples’ lives and daily routines.

Pets can:

  • Give you a reason to get up in the morning
  • Make leaving the house easier (as they need to exercise every day)
  • Assist in planning your daily routine
  • Make social situations easier to manage and control
  • Allow regular “decompression sessions” where you don’t need to talk
  • Measurably lower your anxiety

The AFPA has partnered with Greyhounds As Pets to allow our members the chance to adopt a greyhound at no cost. If not adopted, these ex-athletes would eventually face having to be destroyed. We are extremely happy that we are able to offer them a second career as a fully-trained PTSD support dog.

Click the below button for more information, and to begin the journey of being partnered with a greyhound.