Happy New Year to all members!

I hope most of you were able to enjoy at least some time off over the Christmas period; for those unable to, I hope that it won’t be too long before you are able to enjoy a well-deserved break.

I must start by acknowledging the recent deaths of the two young Queensland Police Service members. Following on from my all-member email on 13 December, the AFPA attended the memorial service on 21 December in Brisbane. The AFPA laid a wreath honouring Rachel and Matthew and joined with other attendees in commemorating the lives of these two remarkable people. Our heartfelt sympathies go to their family, colleagues and friends.

This edition of the AFPA Dispatch is somewhat shorter due to the AFPA shutdown from 24 December to 2 January; while our office was closed, we remained contactable around the clock to assist with emergencies and urgent matters, as well as triage less pressing matters. I would like to reassure members that you can call (02) 62851677 on any day of the year to receive assistance from the Association.

As mentioned in the AFPA’s December Dispatch, we are continuing to collect member ideas and suggestions related to the EA. Members are strongly encouraged to submit any ideas or proposals they have for the EA at https://www.afpa.org.au/future-enterprise-agreement/ . We are also continuing to release targeted membership surveys relating to specific sections of the existing EA. The current survey on Working Patterns can be accessed at https://www.afpa.org.au/ea-survey-4/ .

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