Hello everyone,

First, it is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the death of WAPOL member Constable Anthony Woods. On behalf of myself and the Board, I offer my condolences to Anthony’s family, colleagues and friends. If any AFPA members knew Anthony and are struggling with recent events, please ensure that you reach out for support.

Following some meetings with members, we have compiled a short survey about AFP uniforms and any issues members are experiencing with them. We highly encourage all members to participate and share their thoughts. The survey link is here. Responses can remain anonymous if you prefer, although it would be helpful if we could reach out to you for clarification on your feedback if necessary. We look forward to receiving your valuable input.

The First Responders’ Day (FRD) sales are taking place today (June 29), and we’ve included a poster in this Dispatch to illustrate that AFPA members can access any and all FRD discounts for first responders using AFPA identification. All members would have received an invitation email yesterday providing details on how to access these exclusive discounts.

Every year on the last Thursday in June, First Responders Day is celebrated to honour the bravery, dedication, and contribution of first responders in protecting the Australian community during times of crisis. As AFPA members, you are entitled to recognition for the work that you do; the AFP acknowledges this and cannot block your access to these benefits as members of the AFPA.

The Australian Retailers Association has also provided general information about the FRD sales here.

It’s been a busy month, as we finalise our preparations for enterprise bargaining and agitating for the AFP to trigger the next phase (where we can begin to negotiate). We’ve included a more expansive update on the preparation for the next EA in our June issue of Blue Star, and we’ve prepared an infographic to describe the process in this Dispatch’s EA update.

The AFPA’s involvement with the Board of Inquiry for the R v Lehrmann mistrial was substantial, and we have included a full update in the June issue of Blue Star.

I would like to share some positive news with you regarding recent developments that will directly benefit our members working in Geraldton, Exmouth, and Pine Gap. Thanks to the collective efforts of the AFPA, AFPA delegates and members, we have achieved a significant win that will positively impact our colleagues in these locations.

It is expected that members stationed in Pine Gap and Exmouth will now receive a Defence Locality Allowance of $30k, while those in Geraldton will receive $10k. This is a noteworthy accomplishment and demonstrates the value of our advocacy efforts on behalf of our members. I would like to extend a special acknowledgment to AFPA delegate Rex Tion for his integral role in this achievement. Additionally, I want to recognise the efforts of AFPA member Ken Napier; Ken’s contributions made the case for this allowance straightforward. Rex and Ken’s dedication and commitment to our members are truly commendable. I would also like to express our gratitude to the AFP for promptly addressing this matter and engaging in constructive discussions. Their willingness to come to the table and collaborate on finding a resolution is greatly appreciated.

Above all, I want to acknowledge and commend the members who are currently or were previously stationed in these locations. They have been enduring inconsistencies in pay and disparities in conditions compared to other workers at these sites. Speaking up and raising their concerns played a pivotal role in making the AFPA’s fight for a fair and appropriate allowance a straightforward process. Their perseverance and commitment to improving the working conditions for all members in these areas are truly commendable.

On a separate note, I want to draw your attention to the recently received Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) notifications regarding the AFPA Delegate elections. It is important that we actively participate in this process by nominating and supporting members who put themselves forward as candidates. Your involvement as Delegates is crucial in representing the interests and concerns of our members effectively.

I encourage you to consider nominating and supporting members who demonstrate a commitment to serving the best interests of our organisation and its members. Together, we can ensure strong representation and active participation in the AFPA.

In unity,


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