Members should now have received a further 3% pay rise on 25 May 2023.  Please check your pay slip to ensure you have received it, and contact the AFPA immediately if you have not.

The AFPA is progressing our log of claims and the Enterprise Agreement Advisory Committee (EAAC) meets on a regular basis to continue examining ways to secure the best outcome for members.  It is envisaged that the AFP will provide the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) with a summary of its bargaining position in the upcoming months, which will allow us to commence formal bargaining.  However, the AFPA is still pressuring the Federal Government to remove the AFP from the current Australian Government Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy 2023 in order to enable us to bargain without the constraints imposed under the Policy.

The President and the AFPA Executive are working tirelessly to push for the best deal possible for our members and are holding regular meetings with key stakeholders, including the Chief Operating Officer, the ACT Chief Police Officer, and the Australian Public Service Commissioner. We are also monitoring all developments in the current APS-wide bargaining process.

The EAAC is working with your suggestions to develop an agreement that is fit for purpose and provides all members with improved pay and conditions.  Once we have finalised our log of claims and the AFP is ready to start bargaining, we can commence negotiating for the new agreement.

Below is an overview of the process involved in the bargaining and approval process for Enterprise Agreements.

We will continue to provide members with updates on a regular basis and encourage them to reach out to us with any issues they have with the current EA or any suggestions.