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Media Releases

1102, 2021

AFPA MR Drug Policy review

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) applauds the Standing Committee on Health and Community Wellbeing’s decision to conduct an inquiry and review into alcohol, tobacco and other drug harm reduction policy and programs provided in the ACT.

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412, 2020

Are They Triple OK?

National suicide prevention charity R U OK? has released a conversation guide to help family and friends of police and emergency services workers and volunteers provide them with support including tips on when and how to ask, “Are you OK?” and respond appropriately if they say, “No, I’m not.”  


Download the conversation guide and learn how to have an R U OK? conversation because a conversation could change, or even save, a life: 


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1811, 2020

ACT Traffic Operations Centre served with Improvement Notice

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) welcomes Comcare issuing an Improvement Notice on ACT Policing’s Traffic Operations Centre (TOC) in Belconnen.

The AFPA has been discussing the condition of the TOC with ACT Policing and the ACT Government for over 12 months now; until now, the Association’s questions and concerns have not been adequately addressed.

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1610, 2020

AFPA ACT Election Report Card

With less than 24 hours of the ACT election campaign to go, the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) has today released its election scorecard of how the major parties’ law and order policies are tracking.

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Have you been left out of a will?

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