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2202, 2024

Protected Industrial Action Ballot approved by Fair Work Commission

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) welcomes the decision by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to grant approval for Australian Federal Police (AFP) appointees to undertake a ballot regarding potential future protected industrial action.

The AFPA lodged a request to the FWC seeking approval for the protected industrial action ballot on Wednesday, 14 February 2024.

AFPA President Alex Caruana said the decision by the FWC was a positive step in negotiations between the AFP and AFPA to finalise a new enterprise agreement (EA).

“The approval to go to a protected action ballot is a crucial step, and we welcome the FWC’s decision in this respect. The ballot will determine whether AFP appointees have the option of taking industrial action in the future.

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2102, 2024



The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) reaffirms its support for its members with respect to the life-threatening work they perform protecting Australia and Australian communities.

A deadly example of the types of risks officers face occurred over the weekend in Canberra, with AFP and ACT Policing officers being shot at by a man armed with a compound bow.

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that policing was a dangerous profession both physically and mentally and that AFP appointees were underpaid for the risks they took when compared to other police services across Australia.

“Being a police officer or Protective Service Officer is a dangerous job. They are willing to put their mental and physical well-being on the line to protect others. They confront danger head-on as first responders.

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1502, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) has today lodged an application to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for a protected action ballot, the first step towards potential industrial action.

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that the application for a protected action ballot was required before any industrial action could occur.

“This course of action is the only way forward due to the restrictiveness of the Government’s Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy 2023 and the non-APS bargaining parameters forming part of that policy.

“Our application has been lodged, and we’ll wait for the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to respond and the FWC to make their decision,” Mr Caruana said.

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1402, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) acknowledges the ACT Government’s plan to replace the City Police Station (including the possibility of a new ACT Policing headquarters being housed in the same building).

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that while he appreciated the Government’s commitment, immediate action was necessary.

“City Police Station is no longer fit for purpose. The building is falling down around the police officers and support staff who work there, and a new police station is required urgently. The risks to their safety and the public continue to be unacceptable.

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1402, 2024

The Right to Disconnect (PFA media release)

The Police Federation of Australia believes any attempt to wind back, disallow or prevent police being compensated for accepting work related calls while off duty is short sighted, disrespectful, and wrong.

PFA Chief Executive Scott Weber said “Due to the 24-hour role of policing there’s often instances where senior police call an off-duty police officer, sometimes after midnight, requesting information or paperwork that could have been dealt with when the officer was next on duty. As police we understand there are operational requirements for this to occur, but police should always be paid for this otherwise it is simply wage theft.”

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702, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) supports the Albanese government’s initiative to introduce ‘right to disconnect’ legislation.

Since 2022, the AFPA has been working hard on behalf of its members to formalise the ‘right to disconnect’ and improve the work-life balance and mental health outcomes of Australian Federal Police (AFP) employees.

Discussion around the right to disconnect has become increasingly relevant in today’s digital age, with many employers expecting employees to be available around the clock. The right to disconnect recognises the importance of uninterrupted rest away from work.

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that his previous discussions with the Government had been fruitful, with Minister Tony Burke leading the way in supporting AFP officers through industrial reform.

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