Member Get a Member Program

Help us grow and enjoy a membership reward!!

One of the AFPA’s aims is to grow our membership to a size that is consistent with the number of AFP employees. This program is important as it increases our ability to reach your colleagues, who benefit from the AFPA’s efforts but have not yet joined the Association.

We are asking members to tap into your network and share the value of AFPA membership with your colleagues and friends. Support your Association and receive a benefit along the way.

As a member of the AFPA you have experienced first-hand the amazing value of membership, and now it’s time to share that value with your colleagues and friends. By sharing your experience and encouraging colleagues to become a member, you strengthen your AFPA. And with the impending EA negotiations, greater membership means a strengthened voice advocating on your behalf and improved benefits for all members.

How does it work?

Simple; when you refer four (4) people and they join the AFPA (see Policy Rules and Definitions below), you will receive a membership rebate of $1,200.00.

When you refer someone as a new member, just make sure that you are named on their registration form as the person referring them.

Prospective members can fill out the form here; the field to nominate yourself as their referrer is just under “Date of birth”.

The form will then automatically be forwarded to the Association for processing.

Policy Rules:

1. Only Eligible Members can be included in the program.

2. New Members will count toward the total of referrals for an Eligible Member only where:
a. the New Member is referred first by the Eligible Member and
b. both continue as AFPA Members for the retention period.

3. New Members will only be counted once for any Eligible Member.

4. AFPA membership applications will be assessed in accordance with AFPA Rules and other relevant policy as applied from time to time, including, the “Member Services & Assistance Policy”.

5. Each time an Eligible Member accumulates Total Referrals of four (4) New Members they will receive the Membership Rebate on the completion of the retention period of all four new members.

6. An AFPA Member is not compelled to receive the Membership Rebate.


Eligible Member: A financial member of the AFPA for a minimum continuous period of 12 months. All AFPA Executive and AFPA Employees are excluded.
Exclusions: Recruits in training are ineligible for this program. A New Member must not have been an AFPA member for at least twelve (12) months prior to their referral (and where applicable their readmission) to AFPA membership.
Membership Rebate: *The amount of $1,200.00 is fixed and based on the average annual subscription fee for AFPA Membership.
Retention period: The required retention period for a referred member means a New Member who remains a financial member of the AFPA for six (6) consecutive months following their referral and admission to AFPA membership.
Total Referrals: the number of New Member referrals who complete the retention period.

Determination of eligibility for the Membership Rebate will be at the absolute discretion of the AFPA General Manager.
Any dispute will be referred to the AFPA Executive Management Team (EMT).
A determination by the EMT is final and subject to no further review.

If you have any questions about the ‘Member get a Member’ program or any other membership inquiries, please contact us at or via our switchboard on (02) 62851677.

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