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The AFPA Communications Officer strives to keep members regularly informed about issues and events important to members through our various communication networks. We encourage members to check back with us on a regular basis to keep yourself up to date on all AFPA matters.
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1612, 2020

AFPA court win

The AFPA took the AFP to the Federal Circuit Court in late 2018 following its refusal to pass on the 3% salary increase to a group of six members on commencement of the EA2017-2020 on 24 May 2018.

The Court handed down judgment in favour of the AFPA and our members, finding that the AFP were not entitled to withhold the salary increase provided for under the EA2017-2020.

A link to the decision can be found here

412, 2020

Are They Triple OK?

National suicide prevention charity R U OK? has released a conversation guide to help family and friends of police and emergency services workers and volunteers provide them with support including tips on when and how to ask, “Are you OK?” and respond appropriately if they say, “No, I’m not.”  


Download the conversation guide and learn how to have an R U OK? conversation because a conversation could change, or even save, a life: 


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