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The AFPA Communications Officer strives to keep members regularly informed about issues and events important to members through our various communication networks. We encourage members to check back with us on a regular basis to keep yourself up to date on all AFPA matters.
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1304, 2021

Notice: AEC Post-Election Report (E2020/187)

The AFPA has received the post-election report from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) following the recent National Executive elections.

The AEC is required to make such a report after an election is conducted by the AFPA. The report contains the results of the election, and discusses

other matters such as whether there were any irregularities with the conduct of the election or any rules of the AFPA which were difficult to interpret or apply.


1204, 2021

Emotional First Aid and Police Officers – research study

In 2020 the PFA was invited to review a research study proposal, ‘Emotional First Aid and Police Officers: Examining the role of family members’ conducted by a Queensland Police Service veteran and Charles Sturt University PhD student, Ms. Charrissa Chew-Moriarty. This study aims to address gaps in research and recognise the role family members of a police officer have, during episodes of deterioration of emotional wellbeing, how family members can assist in the reduction of  these negative emotions which have a resulted from a career in policing.


2303, 2021

Results of 2021 AFPA Executive Elections

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) today announces the results from the 2021 AFPA Executive Election.  The AFPA has received the formal Declaration of Results from the Australian Electoral Commission and is pleased to announce that Mr Alex Caruana has been elected as the AFPA President.

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