It has been a while since our last Dispatch. In the last few weeks, I have been travelling around Australia to conduct member musters with the support of AFPA Industrial and Membership staff.

The musters proved very fruitful and constructive. I was especially pleased with the high attendance of members and prospective members, notably at some of the more remote AFP locations.

These musters would not have been possible without the support of the AFPA’s network of Workplace Delegates and Convenors; I would like to thank them all for their tireless assistance, both with these musters and the ongoing support they provide our members.

Members may be aware that I have recently engaged a new General Manager to run the AFPA National Office in Canberra, Paul McCue. Many of you would recognise Paul’s name from his long tenure as the President of the Northern Territory Police Association.

Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to this role, especially in governance, strategic communication, media and policing experience. Paul jumped straight into the deep end, accompanying us at the Northern Territory musters before beginning his relocation to Canberra.

Over the last few weeks, AFPA staff and delegates worked together to organise a charity trivia night to raise funds for our mate Jason “JB” Bryant from the Melbourne office. JB has been diagnosed with melanoma, and the membership has dug deep to provide support. I’d like to thank Nic Bryce, the Melbourne delegates and the Southern Command Executive for making the event possible, and our sponsors and partners for their generous donations of prizes.

In conjunction with the Wet Canteen Bottling Company, we’ve been able to make available a special commemorative whisky to raise funds for JB’s treatment. For every bottle of this Australian single malt whiskey sold, $20 will be donated to JB. To order a bottle, go to and enter code “AFPAJB”.

I want to take a moment to express my great appreciation for all who have selflessly nominated themselves for vital roles as convenors and delegates within the Association. The challenges and demands associated with being an AFPA representative don’t go unnoticed, and your willingness to undertake them reflects your unwavering commitment to the AFPA’s cause. Your nominations to be convenors and delegates reflect your dedication to enhancing the membership’s well-being, safety and working conditions. Individuals like you who tirelessly champion the rights and interests of our fellow members keeps our Association effective and robust.

Below is an updated list of delegates and convenors.

Community Policing Zone
Bridget O’Sullivan Zone Convenor ACT Policing – Woden
Daniel Miller Workplace Delegate ACT Policing – Belconnen
David Power Workplace Delegate ACT Policing – City
Luke Houlihan Workplace Delegate ACT Policing – Belconnen
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
Canberra Zone
Adam Campaign Work Delegate Majura
David Gooley Work Delegate Majura
Dwayne Longbottom Work Delegate EBB
Kyle Watson Work Delegate
Matthew Tonge Work Delegate EBB
Executive & International Zone
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
Forensics Zone
Joshua Schwartz Zone Convenor Majura
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
Intelligence Canberra Zone
Callum O’Dowd Zone Convenor Majura
New South Wales Zone
Emily McFarlane Zone Convenor Sydney Office
Aaron Andrews Workplace Delegate Sydney Office
Alan O’Brien Workplace Delegate Sydney Office
Declan Oswald Workplace Delegate Sydney Office
Stephen Coles Workplace Delegate Sydney Office
Northern Territory Zone
Benjamin Owens Zone Convenor Darwin
Protective Service Officers Zone
Simon Marriott Zone Convenor EBB
Cameron McKeown Workplace Delegate Sydney Airport
Rex Tion Workplace Delegate Pine Gap
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
Queensland Zone
Julian Laycock Workplace Delegate Cairns Airport
Gabi Geurgis Workplace Delegate Brisbane Office
South Australia Zone
David Clark Zone Convenor Adelaide Airport
Specialist Response Group Zone
John Wong Zone Convenor Canberra Airport
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
Victoria & Tasmania Zone
Nicholas Bryce Zone Convenor Melbourne Office
Daniel Rodriguez Workplace Delegate Melbourne Office
Edward Fraser Workplace Delegate Melbourne Office
Jess Jeffery Workplace Delegate Melbourne Office
VACANT VACANT Workplace Delegate
Western Australia Zone
Eric Guarino Zone Convenor Perth Airport
Malcolm Westhead Workplace Delegate Perth Office
Alex Caruana President AFPA Office
Clare Fitzpatrick Vice President Sydney
Adrian Smith Secretary/Treasurer Brisbane
John Hawkins Executive Canberra
Vince Pannell Executive Solomon Islands/Majura
Rod Higgins Executive Melbourne
Eric Davies Executive Canberra
Troy Gordon Executive ACT Policing
Jane Thompson Executive ACT Policing

I’d like to highlight that there are still vacant positions requiring enthusiastic individuals. I encourage anyone considering becoming a delegate or convenor to step forward. Your participation can truly make a substantial impact on our ability to represent our members effectively.

The AFPA thrives when a diverse group of passionate individuals collaborates to address our members’ concerns. Taking on these roles not only strengthens our collective force but also fosters one’s own personal and professional growth.

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