Dear members,

I am sure by now you have read the latest email from the AFP titled Enterprise Agreement – An update on drafting and superannuation changes, circulated yesterday (Thursday 9 May).

This message will be blunt and to the point. The details in the AFP’s email are blatantly misleading and insulting, and they are most definitely not in the scope of good faith bargaining.

The email attempts to convey (false) hope that members will be significantly better off under the proposed EA.

What the AFP is not telling you is their figure of 29.6% is heavily based on:

  1. band progression,
  2. a Use of Force allowance and
  • working unsocial hours.

You would already naturally be benefitting from these incremental progressions (e.g., from a Band 4.1 to 4.2,4.3,4.3 and so on based on your length of service) unless:

  1. you were already at the top of your pay band,
  2. the AFP implemented another wage freeze or
  • the AFP rolled back the band levels.

These incremental progressions aren’t a new thing and aren’t a result of the new proposed EA.

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