With 2024 kicking off and many members getting into the “new year, new you” spirit, your AFPA Membership is no different.

We bring you an updated Member Benefit Statement (you can read it in full here); this change also brings about a new administrative change for those AFP appointees who are exiting the AFP and want to access the revamped resignation/retirement benefits. We are thrilled to announce that the AFPA now includes the following:

  • A badge board*
  • Will or financial planning services#
  • A donation to AUSPOL (or alternate charity)^
  • Other purposes**

*The invoice must clearly state the members’ name and be forwarded to afpa@afpa.org.au

#This will only be reimbursed with AFPA approval. Invoice must be forwarded to afpa@afpa.org.au

^ The member may request a donation to AUSPOL or an alternate suitable charity subject to approval by the AFPA.

**The value of their tier benefit toward any other purpose the member makes an application for, subject to approval by the AFPA.

It is essential that you reach out to the AFPA and fill out the form prior to engaging with a service board provider, donating to a charity, or other options. You can find a copy of the form here.

If you would like our friendly membership team to reach out to you to discuss this, you can email membership@afpa.org.au or call directly on 02 6285 1677.

World Cancer Day was held on February 4th – we know that this is an extraordinarily difficult time for those undergoing treatment; did you know that as an AFPA member, you are entitled to welfare support during this time (and we take care to look after your support people too) and may be eligible/covered by our trauma/critical illness benefit?). Again, if you would like our friendly membership team to reach out to you to discuss this, you can email membership@afpa.org.au or call directly on 02 6285 1677.

February 10th marks the Lunar New Year. This year is the Year of the Dragon. In many Asian cultures, the dragon is a powerful and ancient entity, often guarding items and locations of great importance. The dragon is variously described as masculine, heavenly, immortal, and capable of shapeshifting. The AFPA acknowledges all of our members observing the new Lunar New Year as part of their own and their family’s culture.

With Easter a little earlier in the year and many people on the roads for the Easter break, we encourage you to take advantage of the heavily reduced price for NRMA roadside assistance. You can access this exclusive AFPA discount here.

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