Happy September! I don’t mean to alarm you, but I feel that once August concludes, we are almost at Christmas. There are only 16 (!) Mondays to Christmas. If you, like me, are of the disorganised tribe and need to start putting money aside for Christmas or holidays (or both!), the AFPA has you covered.

Our AFPA Member Advantage team have crunched the numbers; did you know that (on a very modest weekly spend) you can save over $1600 yearly simply by being an AFPA member?

AFPA Savings

The AFPA has had some exciting conversations this month with new partners. We will be launching exclusive offers for Pet Circle and Mole Map. If you want to learn more about either of these partners, you can navigate to their websites in the leadup to their launch in the coming weeks.

With tax season well and truly upon us, have you taken the opportunity to access your exclusive AFPA discount with ITP yet? We let our members know about Steven and the rest of the ITP team in a recent issue of Blue Star.

For our Melbourne members, earlier this year we negotiated a special discount with Wilson parking for 2 locations. We are also working with several state-based Wilson groups elsewhere in Australia and, where possible, hope to launch similar deals over the next 12 months.

If there is a benefit that you would like to see that the AFPA doesn’t currently have on offer, why not let us know? We are keen to ensure that we encompass most members’ needs and interests and would be thrilled to explore any leads you may have! Contact us at afpa@afpa.org.au.

As we move into the warmer months, the real estate market is heating up; for those moving away from fixed-rate mortgages or entering the property market for the first time, why not reach out to our friends at Police Bank and see whether they can assist you in your journey?

When doing a health check on your finances, don’t forget your health insurance; the AFPA has a great relationship with Police Health and knows that they understand the unique requirements of AFPA members. Don’t forget to reach out to them to assess your insurance needs.

We welcome Supercheap Auto, Hampers with Bite, and ITP to the AUSPOL family of supporters. Not only has Hampers with Bite and ITP provided the wider AFPA membership with substantial discounts on their products and services, but they, along with Supercheap, will generously be supporting our more vulnerable members over the next 12 months. You can contribute too; this is as easy as an automatic donation via Insight each fortnight. Our website has more information: AFPA – AUSPOL

Spring savings from your Member Advantage!

Spring is here and brings with it more amazing offers and savings from your benefits program. You can save on travel, automotive, groceries and more. Log in and save with your Member Advantage!

Every dollar counts! Save even more on the $500 Coles eGift card

Your Member Advantage brings you great savings with Coles eGift cards. Enjoy a higher discount on the $500 Coles eGift card for a limited time.

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Incredible savings on your travels!

Our travel partnerships can bring you huge savings on your next trip. Join our members who have reported saving up to 40%! Log in and see how much you can save on your family holiday or spring getaway.


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Take the hassle out of buying a new car

Are you considering a new car purchase? Motorbuys offers a one-stop shop for all your car-buying needs. Log in and specify your vehicle requirements; the quotes will be delivered straight to your inbox. Now that’s your Automotive Advantage!


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Get connected to savings on your utilities!

We have partnered with MoveMeIn to bring you a convenient way to compare plans on electricity, gas, internet and more! You could save hundreds on your annual bills. Log in today to save time and money with MoveMeIn.


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One last important thing to note: your AFPA membership only runs as smoothly as the information your profile contains. When was the last time you took a moment to update your information? You can click the link to go to a super simple webform. Hit “submit” and you’ve completed a simple (but important) piece of life admin! *

AFPA Update Membership Details – AFPA

* Please note that we have no stock of AFPA diaries, so this request will be unable to be filled.