• Due to the effects of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 across Australia, the AFPA national office is currently operated by a skeleton staff. The majority of our Industrial Officers are working remotely. They continue to be available via email or our switchboard on (02) 62851677. Please do not attend our office unless directed to be an AFPA employee.

Our Organisation

The AFPA Branch is the only branch of the Police Federation of Australia which proudly has industrial coverage and membership drawn from both sworn and non-sworn employees. Members are allocated to Zones that best represent their function or location, which ensures the cultures of the AFP workforce are represented.

The National Council Meeting is the supreme policy-making body of the AFPA. It is elected every two years and includes members from across the AFPA Zones.

The membership of the National Council Meeting elects the AFPA National Executive, which comprises of nine members, that includes the President and Vice President. The President and Vice President, are the only two members employed full time on AFPA activities during their four year period of office. The remainder of the National Executive is elected for two years.

The National Executive’s primary function is to carry out the policy set at the National Council Meeting and to deal with matters affecting the membership arising between such times. They meet approx. 5 times a year at the Association’s national office in Canberra. Extraordinary meetings are held from time to time if urgent or significant matters are raised.

The AFPA has a General Manager, who is responsible for managing and implementing the policy direction set by the National Executive on behalf of the membership and tend to the day-to-day running of the Association.

The AFPA is served by an administration comprising of approximately 15 staff members who aim to provide the best possible day-to-day advice, service and benefits to members.

Membership of the AFPA is comprised of almost 4,000 employees involved in federal law enforcement and national security, including employees of the AFP, ACIC, Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI), State and Federal employees attached to the AFP Joint Operations, AFP funded Multi-agency teams and the Parliamentary Security Service (PSS).

We at the AFPA strongly believe the many benefits the AFPA offers its members and potential new members offer great value and a sense of security in the workplace. We look forward to a strong partnership with you to ensure that we provide you with the necessary protection and support you will require during your career.

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