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EA2021 Operation Recognition – A Job or a Career?

EA2021 Operation Recognition – A Job or a Career?

AFPA Welcomes Assault Police Legislation

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) welcomes the ACT Government’s announcement regarding assault police and emergency services legislation.


Update – Concerns Regarding Value Proposition Survey

Industrial Dispatches

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #45

  • Probation Period
  • Update on AFPA Litigation

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #44

  • Unpaid Entitlements – Determination 1 of 2013 Annual Leave Accrual, Unpaid Overtime and Unpaid Superannuation 
  • Reconciling hours for the end of the averaging period – Operations Working Pattern
  • Salary Increase
  • Office Visits


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Welcome to BLUESTAR December 2019

This Month:

In this issue:

  • Life After Stroke – you can get one back
  • Mackenzie’s Mission – This beautiful little girl has left a legacy
  • Being a Cop Abroad – Is it much the same?

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AFPA Zone Convenors and Workplace Delegates Election

Monday (3rd June) you would have received an email from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in relation to the scheduled election for AFPA Zone Convenors and Workplace Delegates as per the Fair Work (Registered Associations) Act 2009. This email is important if you wish to nominate for either position. [...]

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