AFPA Member Meetings 2018

A program of delegate and member meetings at AFP offices around the country for 2018 has been provisionally set. AFPA President Angela Smith and AFPA Vice President Graeme Cooper look forward to the opportunity to hear directly from you about issues and events in your workplace and to provide information about activities and issues being undertaken or pertinent to the AFPA.
Further information and a list of scheduled meetings can be found here.

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Welcome to BLUESTAR March 2018

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  • Sydney Hotel Bombing – Victims Remembered
  • Training our PNG Colleagues
  • Keeping our Prime Minister safe

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AFP Enterprise Agreement  – Approval Received

After a process lasting more than two and a half years, the new AFP Enterprise Agreement (EA2017) was approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC) yesterday afternoon. A copy of the approved AFP Enterprise Agreement (EA2017) can be found here for your reference.

The new Agreement commences on 24 May 2018, when the first salary increase of 3% will take effect. Last week we learned that the AFP has been required to prepare the payroll system for the production of the end of financial year payment summaries, as required by legislation. We understand the consequence of this is the system may not be changed again before 30 June, and the salary increase cannot be paid until the first pay period of the new financial year, at which time the increases will be backdated to the commencement date.

We appreciate the process of enterprise bargaining has been long-winded, convoluted and frustrating. Your Association has certainly made its thoughts on the process abundantly clear over the course of time and we trust that members appreciate the limitations imposed upon us by the government’s policy position.

Looking ahead to the next Agreement, your Association restates its determination to influence the process to deliver the opportunity for a pay rise on time, on behalf of our members.

We are hopeful that with the new Agreement now approved, we can move beyond what has been a significant distraction for the whole workforce.