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AFPA Industrial Dispatch #25

  • AFPA Support during meetings and interviews – interstate members
  • Claim for time off work to attend medical appointments
  • Flex-time/TOIL
  • People Strategies re-structure
  • Court attendance


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Welcome to BLUESTAR March 2018

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  • Sydney Hotel Bombing – Victims Remembered
  • Training our PNG Colleagues
  • Keeping our Prime Minister safe

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#BLEED4BLUE POLICE BLOOD DRIVE – up to 6000 lives saved thanks to donations

In a huge show of support, more than 2000 members of the policing community donated blood as part of the #Bleed4blue blood drive throughout February.  The AFPA would like to thank the 160+ members from the AFP who selflessly donated blood and our colleagues across the nation for not only replenishing what was used to save Detective Sergeant John Breda but for building on the stores to help save others.

There is no substitute for blood and we need blood of every type, every day to save the lives of thousands of Australians. The facts are that one in three Australians will need blood or blood products in their lifetime and one blood donation can save up to three lives.

While the Bleed4blue campaign has finished, members are encouraged if eligible to donate. More information on eligibility can be found at