AFPA Member Meetings 2018

A program of delegate and member meetings at AFP offices around the country for 2018 has been provisionally set.
AFPA President Angela Smith and AFPA Vice President Graeme Cooper look forward to the opportunity to hear directly from you about issues and events in your workplace and to provide information about activities and issues being undertaken or pertinent to the AFPA.
Further information and a list of scheduled meetings can be found here.

Latest News

AFPA Member Update

AFPA Position on Uniform Policy – Tattoos – 10 August 2018

AFPA Member Update

Uniform Policy – Tattoos – 2nd August 2018

AFPA Member Update

Member Benefits Program – Launched Today – 24th July 2018

Industrial Dispatches

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #34

  • Unpaid Overtime Project
  • Right to defer Professional Standards Interviews
  • Mandatory Rest Days
  • Definition of “bullying and harassment”
  • Closure of Team Leader/Sergeant Recruitment Pool (VRN 0391/17)

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #33

  • No “double dipping” – Comcare and other compensation
  • Superannuation Advice
  • Campaign to film police
  • Legal and Industrial Team Response Times


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Welcome to BLUESTAR September 2018

This Month:

In this Issue:

  • Mental Health – Our submission to government
  • Maternity Leave – Entitlements under review
  • Rugby – Our men and women take to the pitch

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AFPA President in the Media

AFPA President Angela Smith addressed the media this week as part of the opening of the inaugural Police Week in Canberra. Angela took the opportunity to speak about the significance of Police Week which recognises and celebrates the hard work and dedication of all police across the country.

Angela spoke to the media directly after the Home Affairs Minister and called on him to intervene and abandon the conservative change to the AFP Uniform Policy that now requires all visible tattoos to be covered when members are in uniform or while wearing AFP insignia. Your Association has been pressuring the AFP to abandon this nonsensical change in policy. We will continue to raise this issue until common sense prevails and this conservative change is overturned.

Further calls to introduce anti-consorting laws in the ACT were directed at the ACT Government before an innocent member of our community is hurt or killed by the violent bikie menace we are experiencing. The ACT is dragging its feet and the community will pay the price. These gangs are making a mockery of this government. And while the government stubbornly refuses to enact these laws  it is putting the lives of Canberrans in incredible danger.