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AFPA Media Release – Coalition Election Win

AFPA Congratulates the Coalition on winning 2019 Election

AFPA Media Release – AFPA Election Scorecard

With less than one week of the election campaign to go, the AFPA has today released its election scorecard of how the major parties’ policies are tracking in terms of their law and order policies.

AFPA Election Strategy

Restore – Revitalise – Reform – The AFPA’s strategy and focus for the upcoming 2019 Federal Election

Industrial Dispatches

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #42

  • Contact with suspended members
  • Federal Court Proceedings regarding Maternity Leave
  • EA 2017 Expiry Date
  • Public Holidays
  • Legal and Industrial Station/Office Visits
  • Alcohol

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #41

  • Performing Higher Duties at the Executive (Superintendent/Coordinator) Level
  • Salary Adjustments
  • New Melbourne Office
  • AFPA Station and Office Visits
  • Update Details


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Welcome to BLUESTAR April 2019

This Month:

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  • Restore Revitalise Reform

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