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The 2022 Australian Federal Election

The men and women of the Australian Federal Police work tirelessly to keep the people of Australia safe from harm:

  • They build intelligence to disrupt terrorist activity.
  • They prevent drug traffickers, both here and abroad, from flooding our streets with life-destroying substances.
  • They protect our children from exploitation.
  • They protect vital Commonwealth establishments around the nation.
  • They work with our international allies in bringing transnational crime groups to justice.
  • They infiltrate local gangs to stop them from preying on our communities.
  • They work around the clock to shield our high officeholders, including the Prime Minister, Governor-General, senior ministers, and foreign ambassadors.
  • They build policing capabilities and strengthen diplomatic ties with our neighbours in the Pacific.
  • They do all this and more 24/7.

Traditionally, we have written correspondence to all sides of government to support changes to legislation and other initiatives that benefit AFPA members and the AFP. We will continue to do so, but we are asking for your help and support in relation to Operation Recognition and the 2022 Federal Election.

In order to strengthen the AFP and best equip them in the endless battle against crime, we are asking all candidates to provide a clear position and commitment on each of the above areas of concern. We will then inform the 7,000 AFP employees, their families, and community members who support the work of police about each party’s position on these important issues affecting the AFP community.

Candidates from all parties want to hear your stories and experiences; these stories are always better coming from the person who lived them. Your words matter and have more of an impact than you realise.

To assist you, we have created a website engagement tool (on the left hand-side of the screen if you are reading this on a computer, and at the top of the page if you are viewing this on a mobile device) that will help you to connect with all the candidates in your electorate. The tool is pre-populated with text to support Operation Recognition; you can send an email to your local MP by simply filling in your details and clicking the ‘send letter’ button. You can also add your story to the text before sending the correspondence, which will give your local candidate the chance to understand your own specific experiences.

Every letter sent matters. It makes an impact, and I would strongly encourage everyone to spend a few minutes using the tool. Those few minutes could turn into something very promising that could help you, your colleagues and even your family in the future. There is also a template for your family members and friends to utilise to show their support for you, Operation Recognition and the goals of the AFPA.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the tool, please don’t hesitate to contact the AFPA office via