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The Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy (formerly the Workplace Bargaining Policy)

Under the Public Sector Workplace Relations Policy (PSWRP), all new agreements and workplace determinations must not provide more than a 2% per annum pay increase, cannot contain enhancements to agreements and require agencies to fund salary increases through productivity savings (i.e. through loss of existing terms and conditions). The recent Determination to extend the EA and ELEA locked in the highest possible pay rises, without sacrificing any conditions.

It is our view that no real or meaningful change can occur with the current agreements through bargaining, without removal of the AFP from the WRP. Not only does it tie your hands, it also ties the AFPs hands in what they can offer to you. Under the draconian WRP, all that could be ”won” is a loss of entitlements to secure mediocre salary increases. We have been pushing for some time for the AFP to be removed from the WRP. We believe that you deserve better, but there is no appetite from the Federal Government and the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) presently. We also need the AFP to support us in this fight. It is in our members’ interests, as well as the AFP’s. To date, they have not publicly supported us in our fight.

The WRP has already changed to reduce the 2% pay rise cap, noting the stagnant wage growth across the country in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Luckily, the Determination was signed before this change, so our 2% annual pay rises were still honoured.

With this in mind, your Association requested consideration be given for the extension to continue until May 2023 – thus locking in the maximum pay rise possible for 3 years. During this time, the AFPA will lobby hard for the AFP to be removed from the draconian WRP.

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