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Media Releases

1005, 2024


Dear members,

I am sure by now you have read the latest email from the AFP titled Enterprise Agreement – An update on drafting and superannuation changes, circulated yesterday (Thursday 9 May).

This message will be blunt and to the point. The details in the AFP’s email are blatantly misleading and insulting, and they are most definitely not in the scope of good faith bargaining.

The email attempts to convey (false) hope that members will be significantly better off under the proposed EA.

What the AFP is not telling you is their figure of 29.6% is heavily based on:

  1. band progression,
  2. a Use of Force allowance and
  • working unsocial hours.

You would already naturally be benefitting from these incremental progressions (e.g., from a Band 4.1 to 4.2,4.3,4.3 and so on based on your length of service) unless:

  1. you were already at the top of your pay band,
  2. the AFP implemented another wage freeze or
  • the AFP rolled back the band levels.

These incremental progressions aren’t a new thing and aren’t a result of the new proposed EA.

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805, 2024


As official voting towards the Australian Federal Police Enterprise Agreement (AFP EA) nears, the Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) will strongly recommend that its members vote ‘NO.’

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that voting ‘NO’ would open the door to a fairer deal for all AFP members who were eligible to vote towards a new AFP EA.

“As the proposed AFP EA stands, we strongly believe members are not getting a fair deal and that the Australian Federal Police (AFP), Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) and Federal Government need to do better.

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305, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) welcomes and supports the introduction of electronic monitoring measures as announced by ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that the AFPA had long been calling for the introduction of electronic monitoring of recidivist and serial offenders, including those committing family violence offences.

“The Chief Minister’s announcement means that the ACT will follow measures already introduced in other jurisdictions. We hope that electronic monitoring provisions are introduced quickly, given that the ACT government has already completed a number of feasibility studies.

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105, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) supports the introduction of coercive control legislation in the ACT, as outlined in the private member bill introduced by Canberra Liberals Deputy Leader Leanne Castley and Shadow Attorney-General Peter Cain.

AFPA President Alex Caruana said coercive control legislation was sorely needed as rates of family and domestic violence continued to climb in the ACT.

“Coercive control is abhorrent and insidious; stronger legislation is needed to combat it, and we welcome the private members bill from the Canberra Liberals. Statistically, we believe that coercive control offences are
under-represented and under-reported in the ACT as there is no specific offence defined for this type of crime. While we acknowledge that elements of coercive control can be addressed by the current legislation, we strongly believe that it needs to be recognised as a standalone offence,” Mr Caruana said.

Mr Caruana said that ACT Policing would need more funding and resources to investigate coercive control offences.

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2904, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) welcomes the $161.3 million commitment to establish a National Firearms Database over the next four years.
AFPA President Alex Caruana said the announcement would be welcomed by the over 65,000 police officers nationwide working tirelessly to keep Australia and its many communities safe.

“The AFPA has been campaigning for a national firearms database since 2018.

“The National Firearms Database will be a central hub of data, allowing real-time information sharing across the country. It means that a police officer stationed in Broome, Western Australia, can retrieve almost immediate data relating to firearms registered in Tasmania.

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1904, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) is dismayed by the decision to bail a man after he allegedly threatened to kill a doctor and staff at The Canberra Hospital (TCH) with a bladed weapon while directly referencing recent similar attacks in Sydney.

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that the ACT judiciary had again prioritised an alleged violent offender’s presumption for bail over the safety of the community.

“I really feel for the doctor and his family, his immediate staff and their own families, indeed the entirety of TCH staff, after such serious threats were made to harm them. Every single employee at TCH will now be looking over their shoulder after the man who made the threats was bailed. Bail conditions are not going to disrupt someone’s intentions to harm people

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