September 29 is National Police Remembrance Day. AFPA staff will be attending the National Police Memorial to lay a wreath and pay our respects. For more information, please go to

Member Discounts

As well as the many workplace benefits that the Association membership provides, members have access to exclusive lifestyle benefits and special offers that make your life outside work easier.
In addition, on resignation or retirement the AFPA will provide between $150-$600 to contribute towards the cost of a ‘Badge Board’ for members.

Member Advantage – A great new member benefits program for AFPA members

Your Association has now launched our Member Advantage portal bringing you exclusive access to new discounts and savings only available through your AFPA membership.

The program is complimentary, offering you and your family unlimited use and allows you to save money on your everyday expenses. Offers include dining, accommodation, gym membership, movie tickets, leisure activities, adventure tours, magazines, car rental, computers and more.

Member Advantage is rebranding!

From the 7th of December, we will have a new logo, colours and the benefits platform will be updated.

AFPA Sponsors

  • First Class Health Insurance with Police Health
  • Better Banking and financial products with Police Bank

Have you been left out of a will?

Carroll & O’Dea’s Lawyers have extensive experience and expertise in relation to estate disputes, both challenging and defending wills. We also have extensive experience in drafting and reviewing powers of attorney, enduring guardian documents, acting for executors, beneficiaries and claimants, mediations of estate disputes, and disputes regarding superannuation, trusts and other property. A discounted rate on wills and related documents is offered to all AFPA members, more.