Member Benefits

As ordinary people doing extraordinary work, there is often a need for AFP and law enforcement employees to seek all manner of support, representation, advocacy and advice.

The Australian Federal Police Association provides these forms of assistance to its members, and has done so for decades. It is also the reason why the more than 4000 of your colleagues, past and present, have chosen to be members.

The many and varied benefits and services that Australian Federal Police Association has to offer includes:

Whether it’s campaigning and negotiating for better pay and conditions; providing members with legal advice, representation and welfare support; or publicly advocating for the interests of members through the media, the Australian Federal Police Association does all of these things and a whole lot more.

You can also take comfort in the fact that the Australian Federal Police Association is specifically geared to serve the needs of its members, because it is governed and run by serving AFP employees. In addition, your fortnightly membership subscriptions are fully tax-deductible.

Have you joined the AFPA but not yet turned on your membership deductions in Insight? Follow the guide here