• Members are advised that, pursuant to legislative and AEC requirements, AFPA resources can not be used to promote candidates for the current Executive ballot. Any questions relating to the election process should be directed to the AEC, or AFPA General Manager Vince Kelly – vince.kelly@afpa.org.au

Why join AFPA?

Welcome to the Australian Federal Police Association.

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) represents the professional, industrial and welfare interests of employees of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and a range of federal law enforcement agencies. The AFPA is proudly the only Branch of the Police Federation of Australia which has industrial coverage and membership drawn from both sworn and non-sworn employees.

Through our collective membership we ensure that the professionalism of our members remains both recognised and rewarded. We offer a range of services, insurances and representation that can’t be found elsewhere. Your tax deductible membership fee entitles you to the following services:

  • In-house legal and grievance advice and immediate advocacy;
  • Illness and injury insurance coverage;
  • Significant financial legacy and welfare benefits;
  • Representation and consultation during Enterprise Agreement bargaining;
  • Workplace Health and Safety advice and support;
  • Communications/Materials covering the issues that matter to members;
  • Lobbying the Federal Parliament, ACT Legislative Assembly and AFP to influence policy formulation and decision making; and
  • Lifestyle services and discounted products.

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