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The AFPA strives to keep members regularly informed about issues and events important to members through our various communication networks. We encourage members to check back with us on a regular basis to keep yourself up to date on all AFPA matters.

Member News and Updates
1203, 2024


The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) welcomes the result of the recent protected industrial action (PIA) ballot which returned a ‘YES’ vote of 96.73 per cent from 3211 members
AFPA President Alex Caruana said the outstanding result meant that the possibility of protected industrial action was now a reality and that eligible AFPA members might ultimately take protected industrial action under the protection of the Fair Work Commission’s Order and the Fair Work Act 2009.
“This result sends an extremely strong message to the Federal Government and Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) that AFPA and AFP members are prepared to take action to get better workplace conditions and wages than those currently on offer.

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703, 2024

AFPA continues to support members after ACT Board of Inquiry

The Australian Federal Police Association (AFPA) will continue to support our Federal and ACT Policing members involved in the Board of Inquiry into the Criminal Justice System in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

AFPA President Alex Caruana said that the AFPA would fully support its members after their intention to take legal action against the ACT Government was made public by The Australian newspaper yesterday (6 March 2024).

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Industrial Dispatches

1204, 2019

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #42

  • Contact with suspended members
  • Federal Court Proceedings regarding Maternity Leave
  • EA 2017 Expiry Date
  • Public Holidays
  • Legal and Industrial Station/Office Visits
  • Alcohol
603, 2019

AFPA Industrial Dispatch #41

  • Performing Higher Duties at the Executive (Superintendent/Coordinator) Level
  • Salary Adjustments
  • New Melbourne Office
  • AFPA Station and Office Visits
  • Update Details

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