What is protected industrial action?

Protected industrial action refers to lawful industrial action taken by employees and their union representatives during negotiations for a new enterprise agreement or when disputes arise in the workplace. Protected industrial actions can include strikes, stoppages of work, bans on performing certain tasks, and other actions aimed at putting pressure on employers to address [...]

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Who can participate in protected industrial action?

If you are an AFPA member (or nominated the AFPA as your bargaining representative) and were eligible to vote in the protected action ballot (regardless of whether you voted yes to particular actions or not), you have the right to participate in any or all of the listed protected actions.  Protected industrial action provides employees with [...]

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What it means for you?

You will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not you are willing to take part in protected industrial action. You will receive a ballot with a number of potential actions included.  The number of questions reflects the fact that the AFP is a diverse workplace, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach will not [...]

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Do I have to tell management if I am going to take protected industrial action?

Although there is no requirement to notify your employer that you are engaging in protected industrial action on the day (as they will already have been notified by the AFPA), it is advisable to do so. Union members who have previously taken action reported it was easier to take protected industrial action once their employer [...]

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Should I participate if I am dealing with an emergency?

The AFPA has purposely chosen actions that still allow our members to perform their important essential roles (as the actions are nearly all partial work bans). The actions are designed to send a loud message to the government that you will not accept their disrespectful offer.   They also have the effect of informing the public [...]

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