What is happening with other police jurisdictions around the country on this issue?

Nearly all State and Territory police forces have now moved to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations.   In addition, vaccination mandates have been in place for several different industries for some time, most notably those working within health care and aged caring. There is also a growing trend of a range of different industries and occupations moving [...]

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If I refuse to get the vaccine and do not obtain an exemption, what action might the AFP take?

The AFP has posted material setting out the process if an appointee refuses to comply with the direction to receive a vaccination and does not obtain an exemption.   Noting that the mandate is proposed to be contained within a Commissioner’s Order, and failure to adhere to the Commissioner’s Order will be followed up by [...]

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In the unlikely event I suffer an adverse reaction to a vaccination, what support will be available?

If you experience any adverse side effects following the vaccination, we encourage all members to submit a Workplace Incident Report and to make a workers compensation claim. In addition, should you require immediate medical assistance and have out of pocket expenses, you may be able to access the AFP's Early Intervention Program.   We have [...]

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What if I have a medical, religious or other reason for not being vaccinated?

We have been, and continue to, agitate that any vaccination mandate must contain robust protections for those with genuine reasons for not being able to be vaccinated. We understand that the AFP will provide exemptions to employees for two broad categories; medical and special circumstances.   We are currently engaging with the AFP further as [...]

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Can the AFP direct me to be vaccinated?

It is likely that the COVID-19 mandate will be regarded as lawful and reasonable for the majority of the AFP workforce, however there may be some minor exceptions to this based upon an individual’s particular circumstances (discussed further below in relation to exemptions). As the mandate is likely to be lawful and reasonable for [...]

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