Members may recall that in our dispatch on 16 June 2021, we relayed advice received from AFP Industrial Relations regarding how Policing Experience is determined and members’ ability to have previous roles recognised as Policing Experience.

Policing Experience is recognised under section 8(XLIV) of the EA and is defined as:

“time spent in a role that is restricted to police due to the requirement to exercise police powers and/or police experience, knowing and training. This can include Police Experience from another policing organisation or any role determined by the Commissioner.”

The decision to have previous employment classified as Policing Experience to advance to a Band 5 is a power maintained by the Commissioner and cannot be delegated.

The AFPA Legal Industrial Team have recently received a successful result for a member with Policing Experience in the Ceremonial Mounted Cadre (‘the Mounted Unit’). This means that the Commissioner has supported recognition of Policing Experience in the Mounted Unit and the time spent will contribute to their advancement to Band 5.

If you previously performed a role in the Mounted Unit and wish for that time to be considered as Policing Experience, please get in touch with our Legal Industrial Team.