November EA Update

The AFPA EA working group has had another busy month as we progress towards bargaining. We are continuing to release a series of targeted short surveys that focus on specific Parts of the current Enterprise Agreement. As mentioned in our previous comms, the feedback gathered from these surveys informs the work of both the [...]

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October EA Update

This month’s update on the Enterprise Agreement will be a brief but important one.We are continuing our meetings with our EA stakeholders (ministers and committee members) as we prepare for the upcoming bargaining phase.We are also continuing to prepare our log of claims; the next section is Part II Remuneration and Classification Structure. To inform [...]

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September EA Update

September 2022 update - We have facilitated a number of operational meetings for the next Enterprise Agreement, which were supported by further subcommittee advisory meetings.During this month’s meetings, we addressed the some of the “rub points” contained in the EA and drafted preliminary changes. Further work is scheduled into the future to address the most [...]

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Preparation for Negotiations

Work is well and truly underway at the AFPA in preparation for the upcoming Enterprise Agreement negotiations. I have established an internal Enterprise Agreement Operational Committee comprised of AFPA staff. This committee has been reviewing suggestions made by members since the last Enterprise Agreement came into effect. Informed by your ideas and issues, the [...]

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